Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years 2012

Happy New Years to everyone who reads my blog. I rang in the new years at work while Cole and my hubby fell asleep before the ball dropped. Cole is starting his new year off with his 3rd bouncy/ball pit house and having a week vacation from EI. This week was pretty uneventful when it came to things going on. Cole did have one play date at our house with the boys ( my friends triplets who are a year older). They played with all his toys but loved the bouncy/ball pit house the most. The story behind Cole being on his 3rd bouncy house is this: Santa brought Cole the bouncy house for Christmas but mommy and daddy decide it would be wise to put it up the day after Christmas. We didn't want Cole to fight us to leave the house to see family on Christmas and decide it would be best to leave this gift wrapped. I decide the day after Christmas I would set up the bouncy house. As I was filling the bouncy house I noticed that the top part was not holding the air. So off this mama went back to exchange the bouncy house. I have to say the return line for Toys R Us was not so bad the day after Christmas. Cole ended up on his 2nd bouncy house before he even got to bouncy on his first. The bouncy house was doing fine so we thought and I believe it was either Thursday day or night my husband noticed the middle part seemed like it  needed air. So we borrowed the air compressor from a friend again and filled it back up and it slowly started to leak air again. By Friday we knew something there was a leak and my husband set out to find the leak. He found the air leaking from the middle section on the seam. We tried patching it up but it seems there was another leak some where else and well it was slowly losing air again. Once again I was back on the return line yesterday so that Cole could start his New year off with his bouncy house. My husband was great and actually set up the bouncy house for me so that I cold nap before work. We are hoping this will be the last one since we have now had 3 bouncy houses in less then a weeks time.I do plan to email the company in hopes to find out what could be going on with all the leaks we had on the seam line. The didn't send any repair kits I just happened to have one from another blow up toy. My husband and I are hoping this new year for Cole will be that his bouncy house doesn't get any more leaks. As for my goals for the New year I plan to go back to school to learn more about Autism so I can better help Cole, I hope to be a better mom, and to be more positive. I would also like to blog more and get some more followers. I planned to start this year off right and keep it going. So what are your New Year goals? Did you set any?

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