Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OT through EI

I wanted to blog this Monday but it seems that Cole is not agreeing with that. We have had a rough couple days. His evaluation went great Monday night. He actually took really well to the therapist and actually did better then we thought with the evaluation. He did try to hide in his ball pit a lot but we were able to get a lot of the evaluation done. The sensory part of the evaluation was a just a lot of questions about how Cole reacts to different things. They also did some fine motor skills with him and we was able to do some but it seems he qualified with just his sensory questions. Normally it takes Cole a few visited to warm up to people but this EI person had this friendly personality about her. I was so thankful since Cole decide he didn't need a nap that day. I was also hoping that since he didn't nap that maybe he would be in bed a little earlier but I was wrong. Cole went to be at 10pm and was up this morning at 7:30am which he is never up at. So we sent up an appointment for us to review and also see how many times he will get OT in two weeks. Hopefully we start seeing more improvement.

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