Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Back on Track

So as the summer is slowly coming to an end our family is trying to get back on track. In the past few weeks Cole has had company(actually family which we enjoyed), was sick and then had sick parents. During this time we had only a little to no EI. During this time I realized how much Cole counts on EI and enjoys having the structure they give him. It inspired me to actually start trying to schedule our day a little. I want Cole  to have the structure he seems to be longing. I have never been a schedule or on time person and I married a man who is also not that good at this. So this is a new challenge for us as well. My first goal is to get a bed schedule together so that he knows what time is bed time. Once this is done I can start to plan more of his day. I also spoke with both of his EI teachers to change his EI times to morning time. I want Cole to have the afternoon to make plans with friends or have some social interaction. So how many parents are more structured out there?

I am also working on increasing my sign language vocabulary. During all the family visit I chaos also had  of other things which of course made me question a lot of things. One being while Cole be a nonverbal child?  If he does become verbal will it be minimum or could we finally have a child that just talks from wake up to bed time.  Of course thinking Cole could be nonverbal makes me upset and then makes me wonder what the future will be like. It made me start thinking that once Cole is on a schedule or as close as I can get him to that maybe I should plan for the future. I need to have a game plan with Cole for the future and what goals we will have. DO you have plans or goals for your child(ren)?

Friday, August 26, 2011


So I know I haven't posted in awhile but hearing about the hurricane coming inspired me to post. Seeing everyone panic and buying stores out of supplies makes me wonder what major supplies did everyone get for the store? I bought the basics for the house like most people do like bread, milk, and eggs. I also made sure I had Cole's favorite snacks in the house. There is nothing worse then having a child who doesn't understand why the power is out and not having treats for them. Since we are at the Jersey Shore we have had friends and family offer to have us stay there if we are evacuated. My hopes is that the storm is not so bad that we would have to leave our home. As thankful as I am for the invites I know it would be harder on Cole. The last time we did a sleepover was when he was an infant. I have no clue how he would handle a sleepover now. I have been told by a few people that children with autism like routine. I am by far the worst person for routine. I plan for major things but not for daily life.  So with our diagnose of autism I know that routine will soon come into my life. So I have to wonder if it does get bad here how will Cole handle a sleepover. I also wonder what toys and snacks would I pack for him. Keeping things as normal for him is always my top priority. SO my goals for the weekend are to make sure I have plenty of flashlights and candles along with Cole's snacks and favorite toys ready to go. SO the question comes up what have you done to get ready for the hurricane? Do you make sure that you have special things in the house for your child(ren) when you have a storm headed your way?