Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st day of PT

I was taken by surprise that Cole took right to his therapist today. He loved the gym that they had and probably wishes he had more time in it. We started out letting him run in the gym for about 5 min before we went into one of the rooms off the gym. In this room it had a table and chairs along with a few toys. Cole went right to playing with the toys as the therapist explained that she planned to work on sensory more then anything so once we got that in control we could do more of the PT.  Cole didn't mind her applying a massaging pressure to his back or abdomen. Then she put 1lb weights on his ankles and that's where it went down hill. She wanted to keep them on for 5 min to start and let me say that 5 mins was the longest 5 mins ever. He cried and it took a lot to direct him away from the weights but it wasn't horrible. I thought that at that time Cole would not want her to touch him again. Thankfully he was hesitant but let her touch him again.  She also tried putting him on a board that spin. He enjoyed it but seemed to not want to stay on it for too long. The session ended with us getting homework of use having to do 2 massages a day with different feeling fabric and also working with the ankle weights at home. Cole also got to spend another 5 min in the big gym running and playing. So tomorrow starst his new massages and looking for 1lb ankle weights. I am hoping to make them at home so we can possibly avoid any more fits but who knows. Any one else use ankle weights on their child?

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