Thursday, October 23, 2014

Starting again

I spent a lot of time not blogging like I wanted to. We have had a lot of changes in the house and improvements.  Cole is a big brother which is first and most important.  He wasn't sure about it in the beginning but actually loves his brother more then anything.  We learned that Cole has migraines which stinks but we started meds. The meds have been a big help and Cole only has one migraine since the meds. We started getting Coles diapers paid for by the insurance. This is a big help to our family. We also got Cole a handicap plaque and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Cole has learned to say his name and is trying to talk. His teacher this year has been amazing and I don't know how I was lucky to have 2 amazing teachers. Last but not least Cole seems to be learning to express himself a little better. He knows how to give kiss to mommy if sad and to get a parent when brother is crying. I can finally say things are going awesome with Cole.  Life is still busier then ever but we have managed to continue to work and adjust out house to try and help Cole communicate. I have a lot of different items to write about but figured I would start with an update about life. I am sure I missed somthings but will hopefully be able to remember while blogging. My goal is to blog weekly and see how it goes from there. I hope that who ever reads this enjoys and will ask any questions that you might have.