Saturday, January 28, 2012

One of those weeks...

Its been a little while since my last blog. I have been with getting on track with Cole's sessions and also with work. I have started some new books to help move Cole a long and help with whatever I can for him. As most people know for my blog we do sign language and also PECS with Cole. He seems to do well with the PECS for a schedule and sign language to ask for something.  Although he only has a few signs we still try and sign as much as possible at home with him. Cole has learned the difference between signing for bubbles and milk since he uses your hand to sign these two. I am hoping that means he can tell the difference now. This week has been a week of a lot more stimming, meltdowns and well the terrible 2s coming out. It amazes me how Cole has been pretty good up until now with stimming and meltdowns. I know that a lot had to do with just family issues and well the trip to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party but I am hoping that we are back on track now things will get better. I would like this week to get Cole's magnet board up so we can start his picture schedule for the day and also so maybe we can reduce any kind of stress for him. I would also like to be able to get some time to work with him a little extra on his EI stuff. I feel like before I did so much more work with him and now that I am working I don't do as much. Hopefully I can start all this on Monday. Also Monday we have a meeting to set up his OT through EI. I am super excited in hopes that this will help Cole a little more. Hopefully Monday I can get on to blog about the meeting and when OT starts. So how was everyone week? Anything interesting happen?

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