Monday, January 2, 2012


I try to blog about current things going on in my life and today I figured I would write about what obstacle I had yesterday. I was so glad I blogged early yesterday before my day really started or else I wouldn't have had a blog for yesterday. Cole made sure to test the limits yesterday with both parents. My husband continued to tell Cole no, get down no touching the tv, your going to get hurt, and we don;t stand on our table. Cole apparently feels he needs to sit on the tv stand we have and then poke the tv hanging on the wall. No matter what we did to teach him that he can't do this it didn't matter. We tried removing him from the situation, tapping his hand, redirecting him and time outs. I have yet to find a method that works and feel like maybe I need to keep working with redirecting him and the time outs. I hope as we continue this and if my husband and i show a united front that maybe we can get some where with this. I am also open to suggestions that any parent could have for me. I am not above asking for help and admitting that I need help. So please tell me what do you find is the most challenging when disciplining your child? What seemed to work best for you? Do you feel like the lack of communication causes more outburst of bad behavior?

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