Thursday, January 5, 2012

Temple Grandin Movie

I struggled to find something to blog about today. I took yesterday off since not much had happened and I had worked the evening shift at the hospital. I literally just finished watching the Temple Grandin movie that aired on HBO and all I can say is amazing. If you want to see into a life of a person with Autism that is the movie to watch. As I watched it and the intense sound from the ceiling fan or the sound a marker makes on paper drove me crazy. I can only imagine what Cole feels. I would suggest this movie to anyone who works with children or has family with a child with autism. My mind id racing from everything I just watched and for some reason I can't get the words out. The only word I have is WOW and AMAZING.  I think the autism community is luck to have such an insight into what people or children with autism feel. I know that we will have more people sharing there stories of how it feels to have autism and I am sure they will wow and amaze us.
While watching the movie I was a little sad to know that every day common things for my husband or me could be struggles that Cole is going through. I do know that even though I was sad I was amazed at how she was able to find a way to calm herself. Temple Grandin knew what she needed to calm her and acknowledge when she needed it. She was brilliant in being able to see the world in pictures even though it was sometimes a struggle with kids picking on her. I can only hope that one day Cole will be able to give me insight into how his life is and hopefully be thankful I pushed to help him.

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