Monday, February 20, 2012

The week begins

Well Last week I had a sick child and have yet to figure out what made him sick. He ran a fever for about 3 days. He refused to eat or drink so it took a lot for us to get some kind of fluid in him. After having a rough night where Cole was up every 2hours we finally woke up back to normal. He was ready to eat as much as we would give him and couldn't get enough fluids in him.  Needless to say I was happy to have a happy and not sick child again in my apartment. Of course we were better for the weekend and that means we want to go out. I was thankful that my father had a free day and Cole was able to spend Sunday with him. I got to see my son and father enjoy hanging out together and I got to have an adult conversation with my step mom. I can say that after spending time with my father Cole went to bed earlier then normal and slept in this morning. It was a great day and night for us. Hopefully I will be able to start Cole on an earlier bed time soon. I would also like to get Cole in his own bed and a lot of other things. I have a list a mile long of things I would like to do. Hopefully this week I can we will get through a whole week of his therapy, and possible make a picture schedule up. I don;t know if it will work but I am looking for anything that could help transition easier. So do you have a list of things you need to get done? What is at the top of your list of things to do?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ankle weighst and PT

Cole has his new 1lb ankle weights. He loves them so much he will bring them to you to put on. His first day was a little rough since He didn't want to do his EI and we added his ankle weights but after they were on a little he forgot about them.  He wore them only for EI because he had PT later that day. His PT lady loved his new weights also and said they would be perfect for him. Later that day I let Cole play with the ankle weights and then I put them on my ankles. I wanted him to see how great they were. After playing with them for a little and mommy wearing them Cole decided that he wanted to wear them. Since Tuesday Cole has brought me his weights to put on him. I am so proud that he is doing well with them and am thinking we will have to work on getting 2lb weights for him.  He also figured out how to slide them off his ankles. I guess I should have seen it coming but it only took him 3 days to figure it out. Hopefully this doesn't start the trend of him taking them off. So today I have 2 questions for everyone. One is how many of you have weights for your child or weighted items like a blanket? Second is how many people have an IPad or Tablet to use with their child? I am looking into a tablet for Cole to use which will be a blog for another day. Have a great day.