Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy Week

I have wanted to blog for the past couple days but didn't have much to say. I did want to blog before this busy week starts. Cole has his normal EI sessions which is 4 times a week, an OT evaluation through EI and then his 2nd session of PT this week. We also have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. I am hoping to post what we do at evaluations and I know I will be able for OT since its in  my home. I am always amazed at how well Cole handles his week. Having this many appointments is overwhelming to me sometimes yet Cole seems to handle them with easy. I do know that Chuck E Cheese will be the hard one this week since he is scared of all people who dress up. So I am preparing to have a few toys ready in the car to be able to keep him busy when they come are on the floor. The other challenge is that Cole doesn't eat anything so we will have to feed him before the party and then again after since the party is over and hour away from us. Thankfully my family lives up there and I will have a few places I can go so that I don;t have to  order out. So any words of wisdom with all this activity this week? How do you handle a busy week with your child?

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