Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolution

So one of my New Years resolutions was to be a better parent. I noticed the last week as I am trying to complete a task like cleaning, I had a short fuse. I know that no one is the perfect parent but I would like to try and get close to it. I also know that some days you will have a short fuse. I think the problem we are having is that Cole will do what Cole wants and doesn't seem to listen when you tell him no. He doesn't seem to understand that some thing he does could get him hurt and that's why mommy and daddy say no. So with all that being said I went to the library armed with a list of books that I wanted to look at. I was able to get a few books and one DVD that I wanted. The DVD is actually an exercise sensory friendly video. I don;t think Cole will understand but I am hoping that I get ideas of things to do that could get his energy out. I plan to take notes and start making a plan to hopefully get things back on track for Cole and his life. So I will blog about the books and DVD when I am done reading them and hopefully it will help someone else. Does any one have a suggestion on a good book to help understand and help for a game plan for autism or no verbal children?

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