Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early Intervention

I was not familiar with Early Intervention until it was time to call them for Cole.  I knew his speech was delay but never realized what other areas he was delayed in.  I worried that Cole wouldn't get help with speech because he didn't qualify.  According to EI you need to be delayed 33% in one area or 25% in 2 areas.  I thought Cole was only delayed in speech.  I found out he was delayed in 3 areas at least 25%. I was so upset and felt that this was all my fault.  I still feel that guilt but tend to push it to side because focusing on helping him is more important.  After reading a couple books on speech delay and also autism I realized had I picked up a book I would have learned about EI sooner.  I am glad my pediatric doctor  recommended EI to us.Not only has Noreen and Melissa from EI helped Cole they have been a great support group for me.  They prepare me for all Cole's appointments and just help me realize that no matter what I am doing the best for Cole.  They have become a part of our family.  On the down side of EI they only work with your children until 3 and then they transition them into the school system.  I still have time for that but still worry about it for Cole when his time comes. My advice is that if you have a child who is delayed and you are worried EI is a great help.

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