Thursday, April 21, 2011


So its been a long time since I actually blogged....I got off track with everything going on.  We had the evaluation at the neurologist and well the news was not what I was hoping for.  It seemed like my word came to a stop and I just couldn't deal with the news.  I walked out of the office and tried not to cry.  My grandma had said that the doctors at the hospital were the best and now they were telling me it could be 3 things.  We are now looking at Autism (which I wasn't upset about just the fact she scared me with the seizures he could have), learning disorder that is showing now but we would affect him more when in school, or a problem with his brain.   The doctor gave me scripts for all these different test and told me she would see me in 3 months. All I could think of was I didn't know what was worse the test to see what the problem was or the actually diagnoses I would have to deal with.  So after taking the day of processing it I decide it was best to actually have a second opinion done.  So I am now waiting on CHOP to call me to make this appointment.  This seems to be the hardest thing n the word waiting and seeing what may happen.  I also gave Cole the week off to relax from Speech therapy at the hospital and EI this week.  I figured he works hard and needs a break from all this and I need time to process what we were going to have to deal with next.  I look at Cole and then look at kids around Cole's age and wonder what he would be saying if he was talking.  I guess that's why its best to take one day at a time.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful child and so proud of how strong he is to be able to handle everything he does..

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