Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Return to Speech

So many people know I gave Cole a spring break from Speech at the hospital and from EI.  Until Cole has been diagnosed I figure he deserves a break.  He enjoyed going to BounceU, shopping, having lunch with mommy and daddy and playing with friends.  I worried that today he would not adapt well to returning to speech but he had no problem.  He actually got upset that the learning toys had to go away because our session was over.  He is not babbling as much as I would like to the speech therapist.  He seems to do more at home then out at speech.  My goal is going to work on that with him and hopefully get back into the swing of our sessions.
I am also waiting to hear from CHOP.  I am really hoping to hear from them before Tuesday but am starting to think I will have to call them.  My hope is to make sure Cole is receiving the proper therapy before I actually graduate from school.  I want to know that when I start work that Cole is getting the help that is needed to get him to speak,respond to his name and interact with other children.
I don't know who reads this blog but i know that it at least gives me an outlet to express what Cole is doing and how I feel.  I hope that one day this blog helps someone else to.

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