Monday, April 4, 2011

Evaluation Day

I don't know if anyone has had to bring their toddler to a hearing test but they are normally not fun.  Cole saw an audiologist and well it always ended up with crying.  This time we had a hearing test done at his ENT and let me say how amazing it was.  It was like night and day with the test.  She was able to get accurate reading and put to rest the fluid that we were told Cole had in his ear.  There is no fluid but a little bite of negative pressure from him being a little congested from allergies.  He was inconsistent in the booth, so they want him to return in 6months.  If you don't know what the booth is what its called with speakers.  They normally will make a sound at different levels and hopefully your child turns their head the was the sound came.  They also have some kind of visual reward with a movable stuffed animal.  Cole sat great in the highchair they put him in.  He unfortunately didn't want to turn his head all the time.  So thy figure in 6 months he will be better to sit through the test.  They did assure me that its not his hearing keeping him from speech.  If any one has to bring their toddler for a hearing test i would recommend Coastal ENT office in Neptune NJ. 

Our next appointment today was for speech.  This didn't go as well as I would like it to have gone.  I addressed my concerns for apraxia and of course was told he does have a lot of signs.  The therapist explained that's he needed more sessions with Cole and while they are this age she doesn't like to label them.  That they need the labels more when they go to school.  So she set Cole up to see her 2 times a week.  So now my poor son has EI here 4 times a week and then 2 days a week he will go to get speech at the hospital.  I did express my concern for a label for the fact that I don't think Cole should have to have 6 therapy sessions a week.  So we will do this a month and reevaluate it again.  I was really hoping to hear that I was just worrying too much and that my son was a late talker.  So I guess now I need to regroup and process what will be happening now.  
I hope that any mother out there with a child that is not speaking get the help they need.  That they know to fight for what they believe is right for their child. 
On a side note Cole started his Omega-3.  I plan to journal how things change with this.  I know that the omega-3 helps support brain function.  Lets hope this helps Cole.

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