Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Cole has had a week and half off from all sessions.  He seems to be trying to say ma but not there yet.  We went through a time where Cole would not take his Omega-3.  I noticed that the babbling had slowed down and we are hoping to be able to start this back up this week and see progress.  I am also waiting on a call From CHOP who will hopefully give us a second opinion.  I also have started doing research on autism.  I am no longer upset about this being a possibility but still wish that I have been over reacting.  I notice myself feeling bad when Cole is around other children who can talk and he can't. I also worry about teaching him sign language when the children he is around don't know sign language.  He tried signing to another child and they had no clue what he was doing.  So I still feel upset and wish that there was something more I could do or wonder why Cole is having this problem.  I wonder what I could have done different and how it might have helped him now.  Thankfully my husband keeps reminding me that things will get better and that we will get Cole to where he needs to be.  So I will continue to pray, research and work on his therapy even if I don't have EI or speech at the hospital.
So if I have anything to offer another mother dealing with a speech delay child it would be to keep your head up.  Things will get better and as frustrated as you are so is your child.  I would also hope that parents will find someone to talk to even if you need to email me. So my hope is to start blogging everyday again and to make sure I write about the progress, test and doctors we visit. Tomorrow starts the beginning of speech again.....

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