Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tomorrow is hopefully the last evaluation

I sat in class today wonder what tomorrows appointment will bring us.  On one side I would love to know if Cole has a speech disorder but on the other I just hope that I am overreacting to this speech delay.  I am preparing for the doctor to say he needs to see Cole again before he will diagnose him. This would leave me with no answers and hoping that what Cole is doing now is enough.  I have so many feelings going through me and I can only imagine how Cole feels.  He has seen and Audiologist, ENT, his pediatric doctor, Speech therapist and evaluated by EI. Now he will see a neurologist and maybe a ped neurodevelopmental doctor if the neurologist feels he needs to.  I pray that tomorrow comes answers and a new goal plan for Cole.  I am not a big fan of the speech therapist we have outside of EI and I am hoping to hopefully get our speech therapist through EI in here at least one extra day a month.  So until tomorrows post and hopefully some answers........

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