Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preparing for neurologist

We spent last week working with the speech therapist and having an mini evaluation done trough EI.  I want to have everything together when we go to the neurologist.  The upside to all this week is that I actually got to see on paper the improvement Cole has made with EI. So something to think about: When preparing for multiply doctors have a binder together.  I made up different tabs that have all of his evaluations, all his EI notes and any information I have like supplements.  Having all his information in one spot helps when going to Cole's different appointments.  I am hoping out of this evaluation to get either a diagnoses or a unofficial diagnoses.  I want to make sure he is receiving the best that he can with his therapy.  I also plan to plead Cole's case to his speech therapist through EI to try and get her in more then once a month.  I am sure that if Cole has made the milestones that he needs that we will get them in more.  As far as his new speech therapist I am out on a verdict with her.  I am going to give her a little more time. So I hope that this next week we will have come a full circle and have answers to why Cole is struggling to talk. 

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