Sunday, October 30, 2011


I wanted to update on how things have been with Cole since the Mommy/Cole meltdown.  It seems that we are back on track with life. He is signing for what he wants if its a sign he knows. He is still doing the open sign but not always at the right times. So we are still working on that with him. After speaking to Cole's EI ladies the frustration might have come out of the drama weekend we had. Mommy started a new job along with some family issues that finally erupted. So we think Cole's meltdown might have been the fact that he had no way of expressing how he felt during this time. So I am now working on keeping family issues away from Cole and reducing the stress. Until Cole can express himself they way he needs too with out meltdowns our house will be as stress free as I can make it. 

Tomorrow Cole goes for his eye appointment.  I just filled out the 3 pages of new patient paperwork in hopes that we wont have to be there 15 minutes earlier. I am curious to see how this appointment goes since we don;t do good sitting for long periods of time. He seems to sit well during EI but he is still fidgeting a little. I hope that this goes smoothly and it doesn't set Cole back any further with health care providers. After having his EEG done Cole prefers to not be around doctors or nurses and if they touch him he starts to cry. I am trying to help him get over this but its a slow process. I will try to post tomorrow about the process and maybe even get some pictures up too.

To everyone who lives in Toms River,NJ Have a happy and Safe Trick or treat day and for everyone else have a safe and Happy Halloween.

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