Monday, October 24, 2011

Another proud moment/Doctors

After a long weekend, it was refreshing to see Cole has picked up a new skill.  Cole decided that he didn't want his socks off an was able to put one of his sock back on.  I knew that Cole could put on mommy and daddy's socks but struggled with his. I am hoping to try and get him to repeat this task but only time will tell if he will. Cole will pick what he wants to do.

Well I started the task of making all of Cole's appointments. So far he has a PT appointment for Nov., OT is not until March and I called to make his MRI but didn't hear back yet. I also called Cole's neurologist to get his script for his MRI changed a little.  His script is for and MRI with IV sedation and I would prefer oral sedation. Every since Cole's EEG he seems to cry every time he sees a doctor or nurse.  So I prefer to do the less invasive sedation. I hope that tomorrow the day stay unit calls me to get the appointment process started.  Well I don;t have much since I am still glowing from my proud moment....

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