Saturday, October 22, 2011

As the month comes to a close

Well October was here and will be gone in a blink of an eye as far as I am concerned. New changes have taken place in my house and it seems like we are playing catch with everything going on. I have yet to just take a breath of fresh air.  The new things are: Mommy is now working mommy, Cole said baby, EI is now in the am, Cole has an ophthalmology appointment and of course Halloween is coming

Lets start with I am now a working mommy. Although I loved being a stay at home mom and well if we could afford it that's what I would still be. I found a job that allows me to work overnights so I miss nothing with Cole during the day. Although it is only my second day the job is going good but my body is taking it bad it seems. After working a 10 hour shift I found it hard to nap at all before starting my 11 hour shift the next night. Since i can't sleep I am extremely tired and well its making my stomach upset too. I am sure in time as I adjusts will pass. My body needs time to adjust to the new hours.

Next Cole's EI are now all in the am. We have worked it to Cole only has EI 3 days a week but still has 4 sessions. He has a double session on Friday which I am hoping he adjust too. I wanted to try and start to give Cole a routine and possible me too. I feel like now we can set up play dates with friends and maybe do some activities at the library.  We have yet to get Cole on a bedtime schedule yet but I hope to try and start that soon too.

We also started looking into preschools or daycare. We need to find on that fitsCole's needs as well we as our wallet.  We did find a decent one so I am thinking as soon as we can get him in we will or maybe we will continue to look. I know that Cole needs social skills and to start preparing for when he goes to school but its so hard to let go.  I don;t know if its because he does have some special needs or just because its the mommy insecurity.  I guess time will only tell with this and I will blog about it.

Lets talk about the magical moment when we realized that Cole is now saying baby. Rob(my husband) and I thought we heard it but it was in with all of Cole's babble so it wasn't until today when he said it in EI that we knew he said baby. I am not sure if he know what a baby is or who he is calling baby but a word is a word and I will take the improvement.

Its that time again where Cole has his doctors appointments. This month we have ophthalmology to check the retinas in his eyes. This will help us get an idea if we have a problem with the brain. For anyone who doesn't read all of my blogs we are looking into White Matter Disease. Its most likely he doesn't have it but we need to take caution and still spend the time to investigate this.  I also have to make an appointment for Cole to have another MRI done. Hopefully this will be the last one we need done. I don;t want to have to sedate Cole again after this MRI. So hopefully November will bring the end of us wondering if Cole has White Matter Disease along with Autism.

The last topic was its Halloween this month. My child has decide to to not like any costume this year. Thankfully we are not really doing too much trick or treating. Its my best friend's daughter's birthday so we will actually be celebrating that on Halloween. So i bought Cole a shirt that says Future Prom King......Place votes with mommy. I figure I still have some years to actually get him to enjoy Halloween and trick or treating.

So how many people have had change in their life this month?  How many people are actually taking their kids trick or treating? If your child is dressing up what are they going to be?

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