Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goals for November and Recaps

So as October ends and a new month will begin I figured its a great time to make a to do list of upcoming things that need to get done and also make some goals for November. Since EI has entered our lives we have had 2 meetings regarding Cole and setting goal for him. I figured its time i start setting goals for myself even if its a goal to help Cole achieve his goals. So My goals for November are:
Try and make a poster board with Cole's day schedule maybe even get pictures up for him to see.
Start packing ( I have been looking at houses to rent and am hoping to find one by the end of the week)
Have Cole's MRI appointment and leave with a copy of the scans
Try to cut more coupons so that my food bill is lower
Manage my sleep better with my new job hours
Try to get Cole to sit in the tub or at least enjoy shower time
Not cry at Cole's EI meeting this month when we talk about school for him.
Try to budget 2 half days in daycare for Cole to build on social skills.
I think I will stick to these goals and hopefully I can get some of them done for November.

So the recap part of this is really updates on what has been happening with Cole.  He is now saying baby. I don't think he knows what it means but at least we have 2 words now. The bath is still a struggle. He likes to play standing up and is ok when you start to wash him but hates his hair being washed and wont sit in the tub. We bought a new shower head but Cole is not a fan of that either.  For EI Cole has gone up 2 points in 2 months from his last mini evaluation. As soon as I have a date for Cole's MRI i will post that and I will blog the day of it and hopefully have a picture to go with the blog.  Cole is on his strict diet that he has picked. It consist of chicken nuggets, cereal, hot dogs,scrambled eggs, chocolate milk and juice. Remember be thankful for the little things in life because they could add up to the big event.

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