Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lately I feel like I should be blogging more but not sure what topics to write on. Its been a long week at this household with a longer week to come. I would love to post helpful ideas for parents with special need children. I just don;t have much information to blog about. I've taken a break from all the autism books I have been reading and have just been focusing on what is going on in Cole's life.  So this is what is happening in our life:
Since the pacifier was taken away we have had numerous meltdowns during the day. It makes me miss the pacifier which I never thought I would say.  I know that it is gone for a good reason but miss the child who had less meltdowns. We have also ran into the problem of when Cole gets up from nap its right into meltdown mode. Unfortunately I have yet to find a way to help reduce any of these meltdowns. What i do know is that quiting the pacifier cold turkey was the best way for Cole. He still would take a pacifier if there was one around but we try to avoid him finding any. We are actually still locating the ones he has hidden in this apartment.
I start a new job next week and I am hoping that maybe in my training i will learn some new things about people with special needs. Maybe I will have a topic to blog about or helpful hints.
We are also looking into preschools/daycare for Cole. Although he wont need childcare since I will be working overnights I think its important that he have social interaction. I also think that it will help not only Cole but mommy get ready for when Cole goes to school when he turns 3. I dread the day he goes but know that its the best thing for him. I also don't want to lose services because I couldn't let go. With that being said I am looking for a daycare for 2 half days a week. This will help get him started and me to let go a little.  Hopefully I find one that will be a good fit for Cole and a good fit for my wallet.
We also will be making an appointment for Cole to hopefully have his last MRI in November. I am not looking forward to this but know that it could give me some peace when we get the results. I will blog about the process and also the results when we get closer.
That would be the end of the issues we are dealing with in this household. So i will continue to post on topics I have and hopefully it will be steady soon. I am also hoping to increase my followers. My goal of this post is and will always be a way to help other parents. I want to make sure I don;t lose sight of it and the people who do read this realize that they can ask me anything. So please feel free to comment or even email me.

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