Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eye Doctor Appointment

I was hoping to actually blog about this on Monday night or Tuesday the latest but its been a busy week.  So we arrived on time to the eye appointment and the office was just wonderful. It was filled with toys and the staff was great.  The doctor actually on did 2 test on his eyes. The first is to just look at his eye like most of our pediatricians do. The nice part to this was he had a little fan with lights on it to have Cole follow and actually be able to look at his eyes. The next step was to actually dilate his eyes. I was not looking for ward to this but the nurse was quick and he cried for a split second. Once the drops were done it was time to wait and they let him back into the waiting room to play. We were in the waiting room for about 15 minutes and then time to go back in. They actually had Cole sit on my lap so that they could use this machine to take picture of the vessels of the eyes. This was a little hard because we had to hold his head into the notched area so they could take the picture. He did rather well for this process and stunned the doctor with the pictures they got. Once again he looked at his eyes again with another instrument and then the diagnoses came. He is perfect! It was so nice to hear good news. I actually responded with "someone who actually feels the same way I do about Cole."   Cole's eyes were dilated the whole day and kind of funny. It didn't seem to bother him and I can say that this visit to the doctors was not bad. I need to thank Dr. Engel and his staff for making this such a great trip.

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