Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bath Time

In our house bath time use to be fun. Cole loved being in the water and loved having bath time. I would say a few months ago Cole decide that he was not sitting in the bath and we would cry.  I have asked for advice on what I could do for bath time to make it easier.
Things we have tried: getting new bath toys that he liked in the water table, wearing his swim trunks and water shoes, filling the tub and emptying it when he is not in the room, filling it while he is in the tub and emptying it and recently i bought a new shower head that I could give him a shower. 
Tonight I decide I needed to try something new. I picked his cups to play with and I added the epsom salt with lavender scent. I started using the epsom salt after reading that it release some toxins from your body and helps some children who are special. When I started using this Cole had already hated the bath so I was really hoping to possibly seeing if this worked for Cole. I let Cole watch the tub fill and help me get everything we needed for the tub. After all this he was a little upset when I put him in the tub but I was able to calm him down fast by talking to him. We played with his cups for a while and I started to splash him. It amazes me that he laughed at being splashed but cries when you put him in the tub. So after being in the tub for 10 min I had him squat in the tub to see if I can at least get his butt to touch the water. We were successful in this and I continued to do this a few more times. So although we are not sitting in the tub he didn't cry except when he was first put in the tub. So I plan to try and do a bath each night to try and get him sitting in the bath soon.

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