Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bath Night

Tonight was bath night and its the nights that I hate the most. Cole refuses to sit in the tub and everything I have tired is not not working. He cries when in the tub and makes it hard to wash him. At first I thought it was the bubbles he didn't like the feel of them so we stopped bubble baths. Then i thought he didn't like the feel of the tub so we got a cushion bath mat. The mat didn't work at all and actually made things worse. So we got rid of the mat. Next we tried a stool in the tub. Since working with EI he sits on a stool to do his puzzles and though that maybe it could work. Well tonight was try the stool night and it was a big failure. Well it started with the stool floating in the tub. As I was trying to holding the stool down and sit Cole down he started crying like I was killing him. So I I let him stand again and washed him real quick so that at least he was clean. Normally after a bath I would give him a pacifier but we are trying to take that away. Day one without was horrible. I am hoping it gets better as the days pass. But that is for another blog. So tomorrow I am going shopping for a shower head that you can remove to be able to give him a shower with out having to be in the shower with him. This is my next attempt to make bath time better. I would just like to have bath time without tears and a meltdown.  So how many parents have a child that hates the bath? What do you do to make it less of a traumatic experience for the both of you?

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