Monday, September 5, 2011


Last night was one of the best nights ever for me. Cole finally said Mama. The last time I heard that was one he was one I think. It feels like we are finally going in the right direction again. After he said mama last night I couldn't wait for him to say it again and hoped it would be soon. Thankfully it was this morning he said it again.  I have had a lot of people tell me that once he starts talking I will want him to stop. I can truly say that even when he is babbling I can't get enough. I just wish i knew what he was saying.  Having a normal speaking child is different but when you put so much work into a child to talk anything you get is great. We have spent 4 days a week with EI and a few months in speech twice a week at our local hospital. So as much as I was hoping to make this a longer post I am going to enjoy listening to my son say mama. So my question to everyone is: When did your child start talking? How much work have you put into getting them to talk?

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