Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31,2011

I had no title for today because it was just a few different topics that I wanted to cover:

I was so happy to hear today that Melissa who is one of Cole's new DI has seen progress with him in only a week time.  Of course it was in his sign language, interaction, and eye contact.  I will take improvement any day even if its not in speech.  I know once we get Cole to talk he will never stop because he will have so much to catch up on.  I know that Cole finds joy in all his learning toys especial when he can show me how well he does without my help.  Its only been 3 months that Early Intervention has been working with Cole but in those 3 months he has improved so much.  I don't know where we would be now with Cole had I listened to people tell me to leave him alone he will talk when he wants.

Next I wanted to ask: Does anyone feel like they can't get anything done in life that they wanted because your child brings you toys to play with.  We taught Cole that if he wants something to bring it to us. So if he wants a drink he brings his empty cup, food he will bring his snack cup and if he wants to play with a toy he brings it to me.  He has yet to understand the phase "wait a minute".  He will give me his cup and if I put it next to me he will pick it up again and hand it tome again until he gets what he wants.  I love that he does this but wonder do I have to do everything I need while he sleeps.  So I guess I need to prefect this system we have.

Last but not least I noticed I am worried and excited about this coming Monday.  Cole has his hearing/speech evaluation.  I wonder if we will have answer and this will finally come to a full circle if we will be hanging in the wind again.  I think wondering what the test will show is worse then handling the diagnoses.  At least that's what i think.  I truly would just like to know if we are doing everything we can to help him. 

Does anyone feel this way? If I have done nothing else in these past few months i have researched and filled myself with the knowledge I need to make sure we get a diagnoses for Cole.  I will continue to educate myself to help my son in any way.  With that being said I decide to end this post with a quote

The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. By Frank Herbert

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