Monday, March 28, 2011

Progress made

Today brought progress with Cole.  He is working hard on vocalizing his vowel sounds. He seems to realize we want him to talk when we are saying things to him.  He enjoys his time with his new DI that is coming.  He is focusing more on the task at hand and seems to be getting better at trying to signing peg.  We are currently trying to use sign language as a way to communicate with him.  I currently sign milk, juice, cookie, cereal, hunger, mommy, daddy, please, and thank you.  Cole currently knows how to sign, piece and car. He is working on peg and bubbles with his DI. 
I would also like to mention a great book that could help any arent that has a late talker. The book is The Late Talker What to Do If Your Child isn't Talking Ye by Marilyn C Agin M.D, Lisa F Cheng and Malcolm J Nicholl.  I am still currently reading this book but so far its touches base on different speech delays including late talkers.  It also talkes about different help you can get as far as doctors and therapist that can come in help with speech.  It explains that if you have a child in the school system how you can work with the school to help your child and get them the best support from the school.  It goes over how to work with your insurance company to get them to help cover some of the cost if not all. My favorite part is how it goes over the fustration your child has and how to help relieve it and how you as a parent may be fustrated and how to cope wth the feelings. 
The count down begins for when Cole goes for his 3rd hearing test at the ENT and his Speech evaluation.  We have a week to go.  I am hoping to get a few answers to why Cole is not speaking but also know that this has been a process.  These appointments could lead to follow-ups before we truely get the real answers.

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