Sunday, March 27, 2011


First I would like to say Welcome to anyone who is following this blog.  I started this blog for parents going through the same thing or close to the same thing I am.  My son Cole is 19 months and barely speaking. He did say mama, Dada, and no no until about the age of 13months. He also developed great selective hearing. At his 15 month appointment with his doctor I spoke to her about this and she recommend seeing an audiologist and also Early Intervention.  Since then we have Early Iintervention here 4 times a week and speech therapist once a month.  He has also had 2 appointments with an audiologist who has now recommended him to an ENT doctor. My son has shown signs of a speech disorder and we are waiting for his doctors appointments to confirm or at least give us an idea what is going on. He does say some vowel sounds but that's about it. He has made a little progress with Early Intervention but the process is slow.  He tries really hard to try and repeat the sounds and is sometime successful.  I have emailed a few people who have talked about their child having this disorder but they have yet to respond back. With that being said I start a blog for parents who have children that could be a late talker, or have a speech disorder.  I understand how frustrating it is waiting for appointments and having a gut feeling something is not right.  I also know how it feels when people say "he will talk when he is ready" or "I know someone who didn't talk until the age 4". I wanted a place were parents can email someone to talk to and also a place to share information.  I plan to blog once a day on information, Cole's progress, or just any topic that is brought up to me. I plan to respond to all my emails sent to me and if this helps even one parent it will be worth all of this.
Have a wonderful day and remember your gut feeling will never steer you wrong.

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