Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rough Spot

I feel like every so often I hit a rough spot and need to get renewed in the dedication I have to help Cole.  Don't get me wrong I am always doing something to help Cole but I do have days where I want to curl up in bed and cry still. It always starts with will Cole ever really talk and then I start thinking about his future and what will happen. I just want Cole to have a life he can enjoy and where he doesn't get picked for being autistic. Every day you can see this light for loving life in his eyes. I always hear what a happy child he is and I just want that to continue through his life.  I want to keep the hurt and nasty people away from him as long as I can. I know that he will have to deal with it one day in life but the longer I can protect him the better I will feel that I did a good parenting job. I want Cole's life to be as perfect as I can provide for him. I want him to experience the joy of holidays and family traditions. My wish for Cole is that I give him the best childhood he could ever ask for and that one day he will be able to tell me that. I found this autism awareness video that actually expressed how I felt and how even though I have mourned the fact that Cole has autism its an ongoing battle for me. I accepted who Cole is and that autism is just a  piece of his character but it still upsets me to think of his struggles in life. So I wanted to share this little video and ask how many other parents could relate to this?

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