Monday, June 27, 2011


Have you ever wondered how long you could wait for an answers?  I have spent the last few days thinking and wondering when the day will come that we will have an official diagnose for Cole.  Its been about 8 months since we talked to Cole's pediatrician and started this long road to a diagnoses.  We had 3 audiologist test, 2 EI evaluations, ENT appointment, Neurologist appointment, Blood work, MRI and 30 min EEG.  We have ruled out a hearing problem and seem to have moved on to autism.  I sit and wonder if Cole has too much EI or if its not enough because he still doesn't have speech.  I have wondered what i can do to help Cole more then what I am doing. I am looking into a gluten/casein free diet but know that it will hard on all of us.  So how much more can I truly do to fix what is going on? I read in the Jenny McCarthy book and she gave me renewed hope to actually be able to fix autism. Although I don't believe vaccines did this to Cole. I do know that I plan to do everything I can to fix this.  I am looking into different doctors, diets and other therapies. The only thing holding me back is the fact that Cole has yet to have a diagnoses of Autism. I don't know if i go forth on the fact that his neurologist is speaking like he has autism or if I wait for her to place the label. SO the question stands what do I do? How do I make the next move? Are there any parents in my area that can guide me through this?  These are just some of the questions that I have that i need to get answers before I move forward.  I guess when we do the 3 day EEG I might get some answers.
On a different note I have decided that I should start my own business of helping parents get answers from their insurance companies. I spent 45 min on the phone to try and figure out if Cole's neuropsych evaluation is cover. I am not even close to the answer after being transferred 4 times. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get one step closer to the answer.  Good Luck to all the parents that continue to fight to help their children.

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