Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So let me explain what the PECS is. Its the Picture Exchange Communication System.  What you do is the child has cards with pictures he uses or foods that he eats. When the child wants something he will hand the card to his parent or therapist and they will hand him the item he is requesting. It helps children who are speech delayed with a form of communication. This system is used a lot with autistic children.

We recently started this system with Cole. I choose to start this after Cole was becoming increasingly frustrated with trying to communicate his needs. We were doing sign language but it is a slow process for him. So the goal was to start by getting him a card and reward with a highly motivating item.  So we started with M&M.  Cole is not motivated by chocolate it seems.  What we worked for was he gave us the card and and he got an M&M. When we realize this wouldn't work we pulled out old faithful...His Bubbles. Cole loves bubbles and was so happy to have that instead of food.  This was started 2 wees ago and we are now moving to the next step. Cole now has 2 cards and he needs to look at the picture. One is a highly motivated item and the other is something less motivated.  This was started today and well lets say he was not happy with the change  I don't know if he was tired or just getting over yesterday.  So we are now going to work on choices with Cole so we can get the next step moving.  I am hoping that this new system works so that Cole has a little more communication.  I still reward or cheer for him if he tries to say what he wants. I would prefer he talk but this is the next best thing. 

So for all the parents with children who are speech delayed you might want to check this system out.  You can google this system and find pictures or use your own pictures that you take.  We tried to use generic pictures but we feel that using actually pictures of his stuff would be better for Cole.  You can also email me for more information on this system if you would like.

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