Thursday, June 2, 2011


So most parents know the meltdowns that normal kids have. I knew that this would happen but not because Cole was overwhelmed or rejecting a new form of communication.  This week has been a challenge since Cole has had a few meltdowns over different things. He wanted more bubbles but didn't want to have o use the PEC System, it was early and he wasn't use to friends being here, or just because he woke up and was not ready.  So what do you do for meltdowns? I have been working on different methods this week. The one that seems to be working the most is holding the small vibrating massage to his back or side. It either puts him back to sleep or relaxes him enough to overcome the meltdown.  I have tried to work him through the meltdown and a few other methods but the don't seem to work as well.  So my question to everyone is what method seems to work for you?

On another note the PEC System is slowly coming along.  Cole is not focused like we need but we think it might be because he needs his pictures to be of his actually toys and food. So starting next week we plan to use pictures of his toys that I took this wee.  I also plan to make Cole a fabric book for his pictures to go into.  I hope he adapts to the PECS but only time will tell. Until tomorrow.

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