Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well I seem to have taken time away from posting and just everything in life. I don;t know if I needed a break or if I just had nothing to say. So since I don;t remember the last thing I posted I figured I would update. Cole has regressed once again. His EI people believe that it was his motor planning that regressed and with that he lost his 2 words. I was sad but not enough to cry. I knew that this could happen but well I just hoped that it wouldn't happen. We went through a rough patch with all his therapy sessions. He would cry as soon as he saw his EI people and the therapy was just sad to sit through. He also became more attached to mommy if that is even possible. We have been able to get Cole in to out patient OT and PT and now we will have speech also. I tell you that every time i do an evaluation with Cole it breaks my heart. I get the reports and he is never close to what his age is. I would like for just one report for it to say he is at his age level or exceeded it. I hold hope for the future to one day get that kind of report. So Cole will finally be ready with outside services for when school starts.  We are also applying for SSI and DDD for help with Cole. It took a little whole for me to actually accept that Cole might need that help. Of course the paperwork is amazing. I feel like I will never get it done. The process just started and I plan to start blogging on that. I don;t know much but I would love to help anyone I can. Well hopefully I get back on to update and also let you know how the DDD paperwork is going. I hope everyone is doing good.

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