Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Break is Over

I wanted to start by saying I took a break the last few weeks in hope to regroup from the home front issues. We spent a few weeks wondering what was going on with Cole along with having a bunch of testing done. Its funny how I will look at everything else that could be bothering Cole before looking at the problem of Autism. Well we finally got our answer which is that Cole has regressed. When y husband gave me the new I wanted to cry but my brain keep saying "You knew this would happen."  The day I found out I was at the dentist. I had planned to speak to his EI lady but had to leave in the middle of session for my dentist appointment. I figured I would speak to her the next day about it but she beat me to the punch. After the news I knew I had to take a closer look at what was going on at home and what I could do that might help Cole more. I tend to find ways to make my days busier then they need to be. I will pick up extra projects, do a million errors or just spend the day running. I decide that i needed to step back from almost everything. I knew i couldn't step back from work and Cole;s therapy but everything else would wait. So that's why I took a break from the blog and also from my social meet up group. My family is finally in a better spot as fair as getting back in the step with therapy and just having some down time with Cole. We changed our therapy sessions to involve my husband or myself to help Cole with demands. We finally had his OT appointment and we started the school meetings. My hope is to actually get Cole prepared for school with no more regression. So that is the update and although my hope was to blog more I feel like I might only be able to blog once a week. If i can do more I plan to but first will be trying to get Cole back to where he was. So how is everyone else doing? Is everyone ready for Easter?

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