Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update of the past few weeks.

I am not sure when my last post was but things have been so crazy. I have been picking up some extra hours at work and trying to keep life straight at home. Over the past few weeks Cole has been off his game. He has been acting abnormal and started to worry me. We had times where he wanted no one but mommy to touch him, he wants to be held and not walk like normal, we haven;t heard mama or dada from him in about a month and his sleep has been off. We were able to get him in the doctors last Monday to discuss our concerns and hope for an insight of what might be going on. We agreed to try an antibiotic since 2 weeks before his appointment he had a fever for 2 days and that was it. His doctor wanted to make sure that the infection didn't linger. We agreed to give the meds 5 days and we would see if that helped. Unfortunately it seemed that nothing changed and then next thing I know he is holding his head and putting his fingers in his ears for long periods of time. This was unlike him and started to make me wonder if he was getting headaches from the cyst on his brain. Well Friday of that week came and I explained what new stuff was happening and to be on the safe side she admitted us through the ER for a CAT Scan. Thankfully the hospital visit wasn't horrible expect that we did the CAT Scan without sedation. I was good not to have to sedate Cole but was hard holding him while he cried so much.  The CAT Scan came out fine and we were off from there. I was glad that I no longer had to worry about the cyst but wonder what could have him acting weird. I continued keeping his schedule since we don't have a great one but wanted him to have some normal in his life as possible.  Come Sunday night after having a play date it seemed Cole had a stomach virus. So I know why Sunday he was not himself but we still haven't had any success with anything else. I did put a call into his neuro doctor. Hopefully she will shed some light onto what is going on. Has anyone else been through this? Do you tend to blame something in else in life before looking at the real problem?

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