Monday, July 18, 2011

End of Day one for Cole's EEG

So it wasn't until about 230 that they finally came in to hook Cole up to the EEG machine. I wanted to actually video it but was unable since I was holding Cole down.  I think I am more traumatized then Cole is for this experience. It took about 45 min for them to completely hook him up and most of the time Cole was in tears. The placed a little over 20 small electrodes to the child's head and then place 2 self adhesive electrodes to the forehead above each eye. They also attach 2 heart leads and once this is done they then wrap the head up in gauze. They then add this sock looking thing over the wires and place it on the child's head. I thought when we came that Cole would at least be allowed to walk the room but it looks like he is stuck in his crib or on mommy's lap. He can't go to far since his wires attach to the wall to compute to the nurse. As prepared as I thought i was for this trip I was clueless to what I would need. I was successful on videos to watch but we don't have enough toys to keep us busy. I was also very thankful to my sister for keeping Cole company and bringing dinner to me. Tomorrow is day 2 and the doctor should be in and I will hopefully know if we have had any seizure activity since being hooked up. I added a picture of Cole after being hooked up. Until tomorrow......

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