Monday, July 18, 2011

EEG the first few hours

So we were told last night that we actually had to be at the hospital an hour earlier. I am not sure why we came earlier since its 1pm and we are not hooked up to the EEG machine yet. So here is how our day went:
We checked in with admitting were my adorable son keep flashing the lady with his magnificent smile. Once she put the bracelet on his ankle Cole's feelings were hurt and he decided to show her by crying. Shortly after that and a few laps around the waiting area we were brought up to our room with another family.  Cole will spend the next 3 days with another child who is about a year younger then him.
Next the nurse started her round of questions and getting Cole's vitals. The doctor also came in to speak with us. She gave me the load down on what would be happening and ordered blood work.She said that Cole would not need an IV so they would end a phlebotomist up to take his blood.  While the doctor was in the room we were able to talk about what her diagnose of Cole is. Its official he has Autism we are just trying to see if the regression is from focal seizures. I thought I was prepared to hear those words after all the research I have done but I just want to cry. Enough about me back to who this blog is truly about Cole.  I am hoping to post a video of the EEG process but am not sure if I will be able to. So until the next portion of our day....

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