Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas Math

Well as much as I tried to get online t post it didn't work. We spent the day redoing Cole's room to fit his new toys. Cole could care less that he had presents under the tree. I pretty much had to force him to sit with me to open gifts. We took no pictures because it took over an hour for a few gifts. My goal with the Christmas gifts was to get him things that were fun that could also help with his therapies. His gifts were puzzles, Mr Potato head accessories, bouncy ball pit, some books and play dough. So yesterday was a day of cleaning his room and going through clothes so we could fit the bouncy house. Cole also got a train set from my sister which came with the table so we had that to put together. After all day and a few stops at the store Cole has his dream room it seems. He actually napped in his room which he hasn't done in awhile and he was in and out playing all day. My hope is to actually get him to sleep in there soon. I figure one step at a time. Now if only I could get the rest of this place clean I could be happy.  Cole has a week off from EI which means that I have a week of trying to work with Cole. I can safely say I did nothing with his therapies yesterday. With all the work I do and the also working with Cole I decide its time to go back to school and possibly get certified or a degree to help other autistic children and their parents. I learned this Christmas that everything I did was more for me and not for Cole. I loved Christmas and wanted Cole to love it too but truthfully he really just wanted to follow his normal day. So I decide next year that I will not work so hard to make tradition but to just enjoy my day with him. I plan to take every holiday this way now. So how many parents tried to make Christmas more for their child(ren) and you were more excited?

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